Top Six Things to Do Before Going Back to Work

Being a working mom can be tough in a lot of ways. Here is my list of the top six things to do before going back to work!

Teaching is the perfect career for me because I love my job and the kids. Also, I have the best set schedule ever, every holiday off and every summer off. However, summers off make for a tough August. This summer was pretty hectic, we moved into our new house, had Grey’s first birthday party, and all the millions of fun summer things to do.

When it started to set in that I would be going back to work soon I had quite the emotional breakdown. Since I am a list person, I put together this list of things that I needed to have done before going back to work. In no particular order of importance.

Number 1 – Put Husband on Notice – My husband is truly the greatest man on earth, but this summer, I did all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, waking up in the middle of the night and etc.  I simply reminded him, now that I would be going back to work full time as well, I would need his help. I am not an emotional person, but this turned into quite the cry fest.

Number 2 – Daycare – This is the worst thing ever. You have to go with your instincts and gather all the information you can about where you will be taking precious cargo. We love where we will be going this year, Grey is loved and he has friends already.

Number 3 – Deep Clean – When we get home from work we will not want to be cleaning up messes from this summer. To start the school year off right, we deep cleaned the whole house.

Number 4 – Dejunk Clothes – Sometimes I tend to hold on to things too long. I went through all of our clothes to get rid of ones we haven’t worn in a while and get store the ones that don’t fit Grey anymore.

Number 5 –  School Shopping – Grey is growing so fast, I decided to try and get his jeans and coats while they were having good sales at our favorite stores. He seems to be out growing everything so quickly these days.

Number 6 – Have a Last Hoorah – Do something fun. I feel like we are so busy all the time that sometimes we forget to do fun things, such as go on dates. Go swimming or camping. What ever it is that you do, go have fun.

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