Friday Favorites!

Hello beautiful people! It’s time for Friday Favorites! The past few weeks have been crazy around here. We sold our home and have been living with my mother in law for the past 10 days. Today, we signed on our new home and will be moving in all weekend. My oldest daughter gave birth to her 5th baby and we had the opportunity to travel to Cedar city meet the cute little girl. While all this was going on I sprained both of my feet and they won’t get better! That makes it really hard to move! We have been crazy busy but I wouldn’t change a thing! Now let’s get to Friday Favorites!

New Home: I’m so excited to move into our new house today! We looked at a lot of homes after we sold our old one and we kept coming back to this one. I can’t wait to share with you more about our home in the coming months. It seems a little weird to think that we will be living in a different home since we had been in our other house for 24 years!

Miss Navie Ray: This cute little bundle of joy was born on Wednesday! I can’t even tell how much we love this little girl! 

Diet Pepsi: I had to include Diet Pepsi in my list this week. This is the only thing getting me through the past few weeks! Trying to keep life normal with so many life-changing events has been overwhelming in the best way! I especially love when it’s Sonic’s happy hour and I can get one with a lemon!


Skechers Shoes: I love these shoes! Since Cassie and I have been doing our fitness challenge, these have been getting me through every step of our walk. Even with a sprained ankle! 


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