Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week again! We have some good ones for you this week! Cassie’s Friday Favorites!

#1 – Slammers Super Snack Food! We love fruit pouches, not just for Grey but for us! It’s a great breakfast, snack and perfect for children. They are amazingly delicious and super awesome check them out!

#2 – Delta Children’s 3-in-1 Activity Lil’ Airplane Walker! Grandma Bev wants to help Grey learn to walk on his own, so for his birthday she got him this cute little walker. It is super fun! He loves the big red button and it spins the propeller and lights up! It’s super cute and awesome!

#3 – School! I know it sounds crazy, but I absolutely love my job! I hate hate hate taking Grey to daycare but I love my Job! Welcome back to school my friends!

#4 – Rain storms! This Wednesday we had this wicked awesome rain storm. I love the smell. I love the warm rain. I love the thunder and lightning! All of it!

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