Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Get ready because it’s time for Cassie’s Friday Favorites! This week has been too short but I have so many things that I love this week.

First, favorite is SoapSox, we got one of these for a sample and we have definitely been fans! It has a place to put the soap in and it’s a fun way to get clean. Grey’s favorite time is bath time and this has only help him want to stay in the tub all day everyday!

Second favorite, Hobby Lobby! We just moved into our new house and I had no idea where to start. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and looked online and they seemed to have everything that I love! 

Third Favorite, Coupon Cabin, once again. I know, I sing their praise every couple of months, but when you’re getting free money! It’s worth it! I spent $75 at Hobby Lobby and got $75 from Amazon for free. Plus 10%. Um… Coupon Cabin is a no brainer! Check it out. It was the only reason Matt let me buy so many decorations! 

Fourth Favorite, Dionis Goat Milk Skincare! They sent us quite a few samples, some chapstick and hand cream! It number one, smells amazing and number two made my hands so soft! I loved the chapstick too! Check them out!

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