Cute Grey’s Lumberjack Cake

Grey’s Lumberjack Cake

Grey’s Lumberjack Cake! Grey’s cake needed to match the lumberjack theme. Grey’s Lumberjack Cake was amazingly fun to make and yet super stressful!


Grey's Lumberjack Cake


Since we had a long time to plan we had time to figure out how to make a log cake. We did 4, one-inch buttermilk cakes stacked on one another and frosted it with chocolate frosting.


All made from scratch, obviously. Then the inside we mad into buffalo plaid. Now, this was tricky and caused many cuss words.



We made 2 maroon 10-inch cakes, 2 red 10-inch cakes, and 2 black 10-inch cakes. Then we cut them into one-inch rings and stacked them within one another.  Then layered and frosted the cakes.



The old-fashioned saw we made it out of gum paste. Which we dyed gray, but as it dried it turned kind of teal so we decided to buy the silver edible spray paint and painted it.


3 thoughts on “Cute Grey’s Lumberjack Cake”

  1. This cake turned out so cute. I know some guys in my life that would love this cake. I may have to break down and make it, but I am not sure that I will make the plaid inside the first time. Even though it is so cute, it seems like a lot of work. Perhaps on the second cake I will try that. Thank you for sharing at This is How We Roll.

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