Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s Cassie’s Friday Favorites! Time to take a look at some of my most favorite things from this week!

This week has been tiring, with Grey’s Birthday and getting things together. Not to mention sleep training the munchkin. I’m exhausted! Here are a few things that made my week great!

First my smiling one year! Despite getting shots this week he has been extremely pleasant during the daytime!

This toy though! Bright Basics Slide and Splash Spouts! Grey absolutely loves this toy. He could play for hours with this in the tub. Not to mention that the itsy bitsy spider is his favorite song.

This hot sauce is sure to burn off all your taste buds for a week, but it tastes so good! We loved it on our tacos last night!

Can you say cool?! You can get stuff done while exercising! I am currently on my bike desk right now, and you should get one too! Head over to Flexispot to get your bike desk today! You won’t regret it.

I have a love hate relationship with this show! Greyson loves it! When he hears creature report he comes a crawling! He get’s so excited when it comes on. We have been through all 3 seasons three times through his 1 year of life. 


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