Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week where Cassie gets to share her Friday favorites! 


This week has been busy and relaxing all in one! It was the first week of summer for me and I got to spend all my time with my cute little munchkin. We signed on our house yesterday and so we are moving in, like right now. Stay tuned for the DL of building a new house!

Favorite #1 – Gain Apple Mango Tango Detergent – Nothing says clean like this clothing detergent! I love the way it smells, my husband says that I am high maintenance because I need good smelling detergent. 

Favorite #2 –  My New Baby Gate – Not pictured above because we are going to show it to you at a later date when it is all installed! I will tell you it’s beautiful and it matches our island!

Favorite #3 – Bullfrog Sunscreen Sticks – These are extremely convenient, especially when your baby’s newest trick is to leave his mouth gaping open to catch the spray. I also hate trying the spray because I am afraid it will get in his eyes!

Favorite #4 – Mac and Cheese – Luckily for me our Baby Grey loves it too! Which gave me a great excuse to buy a bazillion of these. No, it’s not the only thing I feed my child, but I bet he wishes it were.

Favorite #5 – Summer – School is out and I don’t have to work! I love to spend time with my cute baby! Be sure to check out our Summer Bucket List Challenge, starting TODAY!  

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