Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Here are a few of Amber’s favorites for the week!



This week has not been cool. I started having a nasty migraine that decided to linger for four days and it was no joke! (I’m new to the migraine world so I would love any advice you have for me. I can’t believe people have multiple attacks in a week!) There were a few great things this week though that kept my spirits up!



I DIG IT Dinos: This dinosaur excavation kit is awesome! It says it’s for 7 and up but my 4 year old LOVED it! He yelled for joy when he started to see the dinosaur coming through and felt so cool using all the tools! I think this would make the perfect birthday present for any dinosaur lover!



My Sister’s Wedding: My little sister is getting married!! I’m so excited for her and her fiance! They are the cutest and it’s been fun watching them plan their life together. Now they just need to get my kids some cousins!!



Fake tattoosWe did fake tattoos at my sister’s bachelorette party and call me crazy but it was so fun! I put little dinosaurs and trucks on my boys all the time so it was fun to do some for myself! 



Summer Bucket List Challenge Group: If you haven’t joined our group yet, do it!! There are so many great summer activity ideas on there to keep your kids entertained. It has been really helpful for me to think through what I want to make sure we do this summer because it really does go by so fast!


How was your week?







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