Ultra Strong Women

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We are being compensated for our participation in this campaign sponsored by Hefty®. It’s 100% my own opinion.

Have you ever noticed that when you go through something hard it helps remind you what is important in your life? Yesterday was my father-in-law’s funeral. Through the worry and the tears, happy memories seem to bubble up to my thoughts. My cute husband had the privilege to speak at his dad’s funeral and as he spoke about the things that he was taught by his father, I was reminded of the women in my life that have been such a strong influence in how I live my life!

One of the strongest women I know is my grandma. There wasn’t a birthday, school program or special occasion that she wouldn’t remember and take the opportunity to let my kids know how special they were to her! She didn’t have a lot of money but every child was never forgotten on their birthday. My kids’ fondest memories of their great grandma are watching Pete’s Dragon, pumpkin candy, and her feisty personality! The lesson I learned from this strong woman was that family comes first and to make everyone feel loved!

Just like Hefty® trash bags, today’s moms are Ultra Strong in everything they do! Hefty® is helping to celebrate strong moms by teaming up with John Cena and his mom Carol Cena. She knows a thing or two about ultra-strength and ultra-savings as well.

You know Mom knows best, especially when it comes to spending wisely and making smart decisions for the people she loves! Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags offer “Hefty, Hefty, Hefty” strength at a low price. The bags feature Triple Action Technology to resist tears, break-resistant grip drawstring that prevents the bag from falling inside the can, and ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer. The best part – they are 100% guaranteed that Hefty® can handle all your trash bag needs or your money back!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty®.

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