Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Wow! It’s that time of the week once again! I know you look forward to Friday for our Favorites! Cassie’s Friday Favorites!

This week has been hectic and stressful and just plain tiring. Here are my favorites on the week! 

Favorite #1 –  Grey’s Nuk sippy cup. It’s awesome how it doesn’t leak with out him sucking or chewing on it! I love that it has the cute handles that he can easily grip but they are also soft and rubbery so the teething child can chew on them!

Favorite #2 – Graduates Yogurt Melts – I’ve tried all the kinds. Graduates has the best yogurt melts by far. Give these a try!

Favorite #3 – Sweeto Burrito- Yesterday Matt and I were starving and the line at Panda Express was out the door. I told Matt we should go to Even Stevens because they have a drive thru, turns out that it was a drive thru for Sweeto Burrito. I don’t like Burritos, but they have some really fun Burrito’s there I did the Buff Chick and it was so good! Give this place a try my friends you will not be disappointed.

Favorite #4 – Grandpa Ray- This week has been a rough one. My cute Grandpa passed away due to complications from a stroke and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. He was the best and the only real Grandpa that I have ever known. He knew how to show you you were loved. He knew how to put you in your place and he was the most honest and real person I know. We will miss him so much! Surely grateful for eternal families!

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