Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that day of the week once again! Friday Favorites! Brought to you by Lou Lou Girl Cassie!

First favorite is nurturme products! Literally everything we have tried has been amazing, but my most favorite is the yum-a-roos. Grey loves these and they are awesome!

Second favorite, Huggies little Movers! Grey has only had one blow out in these diapers and that was because I put it on crooked and then sat him in his chair to eat and didn’t notice until there was a mess. I love them because he is rolling everywhere and we have been using them for about 3 months. We had some others that someone gave us and when we used them, Grey had figured out how to take them off. These have 2 tabs on each side, so he got over that real quick.

Grey loves balls and blocks and anything he can chew on. Back in December we bought a huge bag of ball pit balls and Grey loves them. Maybe, they will even encourage him to crawl someday. These have been a heaven send.

Lil’ Crunchies, my child is clearly my whole world and focus right now. These things have been awesome. I can set some in front of him and he will be occupied forever it feels like. Warning: he gets stuff everywhere though.

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