It’s A Mom Thing Challenge Week 1

It’s A Mom Thing Challenge Week 1! Hello Mommas! Thanks for joining us for the, It’s a mom thing challenge. We will be challenging you every day of the month of March. Hopefully, we all can come out of this month feeling like a Superhero!

It's A Mom Thing Challenge Week 1

It’s A Mom Thing Challenge Week 1

Hey! Kimberly here. I am in charge of week 1 of our It’s A Mom Thing! Join our Facebook group for lots of extra tips, reminders, and support throughout all of March. Week 1 of our It’s a mom thing challenge is going to be all about YOU!  Get ready to make some lists and check them twice!! 

Maybe you are a veteran mom and have everything under control or a new mom that was just meant to be a mom and nothing needs to be changed but we decided that if we take the time to break down the things in our lives that are important we might be able to make them stick! Here are the 10-minute challenges for this week to help you! Please speak up! We would love for you to share, give advice, ask questions and find support! We are all in this together! Since I’m kind of a veteran mom of 6 and seen a lot, I decided to start with what is the most important thing to me…strengthening the bond with your kids!

Some kids demand your attention every single moment of the day but then there are the kids that seem so easy. By the time you go to bed, you wonder if you even gave them any attention, then you feel so guilty! I don’t want you feeling that way! I believe if you are doing the best you can, with all the best intentions, you are doing enough!

Challenge 1: Make a date Calendar: Sit down with each of your kids and ask your child: ” what are two things we can do together this month?” Depending on how many kids you have this shouldn’t take too long. I know that you are doing things with them each and every day but trust me, if you make dates with your kids, that’s what they will remember when they get older. It can be as easy as going to McDonald’s and getting a McFlurry or as big as going to the Monster truck rally. You can guide them in their decisions.

Challenge 2: Be that Mom: How do you want your child to remember you? Be that mom today. I would love to say that you can do this every day, but let’s be honest, that can be a hard challenge some days.

Challenge 3: Give the Right Kind of Praise: It’s so easy to tell our kids good job, you’re awesome, you make me smile but kids can see right through this. When my Lisa was little, I told her that she was amazing! She looked at me and asked: ” what did I do amazing?” For one day, when you are giving your child praise, give the details. Don’t make it a generic.

Challenge 4: Let your child be the teacher: Take a break and let your little ones teach you something. All my kids have been interested in things that I never even thought about. I would buy them the tools to learn more about the subject and so their knowledge could grow. Sit down and see what they have learned. I have learned about sports, dinosaurs, bugs, history and the list goes on. Your child will love to teach you and your bond will grow so strong.

It’s A Mom Thing Challenge Week 1

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