Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week once again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites! 

It has been a long week and especially a long night. Grey has been sick with bronchiolitis and a double ear infections. It’s hard to know when you should or shouldn’t take him to the doctor, it’s hard to know when to take work off. This week has not been super fun. Then again, I have gotten the best snuggles from Grey this week. He has always been a mover, he’s loves to observe everything that’s going on!

My first favorite this week is Humidifiers. They say when your child has bronchiolitis suction and saline are the best things for them. I hate doing that, because it induces writhing and screaming. I still do it, despite my distain for it. The humidifier in our room has made it so much easier. He breathes better and acts better! We love our Humidifier!

Next Friday Favorite is Aveeno Baby Lotion. Unfortunately, Grey has my skin, dry and this winter has been dry. This lotion helps Grey stay nice and soft. He’s been throwing up this week so I feel like between that and helping him feel better he’s taken about 40 baths this week. We need our Aveeno!

Speaking of sucking out boogers. I never thought I would say this but the Nose Frida. It’s gross if you think about it too much but nothing works quite like it! It makes me gag every single time, but it works perfectly! 

Last but not least Hulu, to keep me sane while I am at home watching my sweetheart sleep. His naps have been lasting any where from 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. I’m concerned about him and don’t want to leave his side. I’m a worry wart. Anyways I can watch all the good stuff! By the way, this seasons Bachelor, awful! 

Thanks for stopping by! What are some things that have been your favorite this week?

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