Friday Favorites!!

It’s Friday! It’s February!! Life is so good! This has become one of my favorite series that we do on the blog! It gives me a chance to think about the things that made me smile through the month and I get to share them with you! So let’s get started with my Friday Favorites!


my/mo: my/mo is like a marshmallow filled with ice cream! You are going to love them! I could see the UPS guy through my office window the other day. I didn’t think I had any orders but he was bringing a box to my door! It’s like Christmas every time I hear their engine stop in front of my house!  I opened the box and there were these 3 colorful boxes. Honestly, I thought that this product wouldn’t make the cut. My Lisa, the picky one, opened one of the boxes and gave it the sniff test and after one bite she was hooked! She described it as a magical experience. When I told her that it was almost Friday Favorites, she told me that this definitely had to make the cut! 


Remove-One: It’s a peel-off mask for your face and body. This removes one layer of dead skin cells and does a deep pore clarifying. Lisa, being 15 years old, does a lot of research on beauty products.  She had seen this mask online and asked to try it. Like the typical teen is has been having a lot of blackheads on her nose. Again, she is really picky but has loved this mask!

Rufus Teague: We use a lot of sauce around our house when we are cooking, especially with the Super Bowl this weekend. Yes, the nice UPS man did bring me a box of this fine sauce, so I could review it. The great thing is that I have already bought several bottles of this in the past! So many different flavors and perfect on wings!

Lou Lou Girls ShopWe are having a big clearance sale over at the shop! Everything is 40% off! We still have a huge selection of clothes! You need to check it out! 

Valentine’s Day! I have always loved Valentines! It’s a great time to focus on those who you love and I have a cute daughter who’s birthday is on Valentine’s day! I’m pretty excited, my husband and I have a fabulous plan that we are going to do our grandkids! Watch out kids, anything is possible.

20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!!”

  1. oh my that ice cream looks amazing! I was just telling my husband at the store i’m in the mood to try something new, I’ll have to get me some thanks!

  2. That’s so great that your daughter’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. The Mochi ice cream looks so amazing. And we’re suckers for hot sauce in my house too!

  3. I haven’t seen the my/mo before. Now I’m really curious! Looks like the peel off mask is something that I need also. I love putting these in my travel bag. Is it under three ounces?

  4. I’ve heard so many things from that ice cream, I definitely need to try some! It’s so fun that you do Friday favorites, what an awesome thing to have to remember some of your favorite products.

  5. I think I’ve seen something similar to that ice cream in the Whole Foods near me! I seriously need to get around to trying it, because I’m definitely not picky (when it comes to ice cream, at least!!).

  6. That mask looks so awesome!! I’ve been meaning to try a charcoal one. Also, I keep hearing about Mochi ice cream!!

  7. I love trying different varieties of sauce and this looks like it should be on the list for the fact it looks spicy.

  8. That mask looks really interesting but I think I’d be more excited about the ice cream filled marshmallows.

  9. I love the BBQ sauces by Rufus Teague as well! I haven’t had a chance to give my/mo a try yet, but I’ll definitely purchase it the next time I’m at the store.

  10. I was just looking for a bday gift for my best friend. It’s becoming so hard to top my gift each year, but I’m loving the BBQ sauce and the cute clothes from LouLou Girls. They both look amazing.

  11. I’m feeling as inspired as ever. Friday Favorites has a little bit of everything. I can’t wait for the valentines day.

  12. Those marshmallows look amazing! I’ve never heard of them but am definitely going to stock up! My oldest daughter is currently obsessed with charcoal masks!

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