Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Here are a few of Amber’s favorites from the week!



It was a great week for me although a little chaotic because my husband bought a new truck (which I’m just now realizing could totally be on this list!) and we found ourselves visiting the bank and car dealership multiple times. Here are a few of my favorites!



St. George, Utah: We visited the warm weather of St. George over President’s Day and it was amazing! St. George will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where my husband and I met back in High School and where he later proposed!



Ocean’s 11: Although I usually dislike any movie about thieves or that glamorizes people with highly questionable morals, I just can’t help but let Ocean’s 11 slide by. The characters are great, the vibe is great, it’s just an overall great movie. And I guess at least they do some time in jail right….?



Force of Nature: I got into the chemical free cleaning scene not because I wanted to save the environment or anything noble like that, I really just wanted to stop procrastinating cleaning my bathrooms because I didn’t want to smell like chemicals. I’ve tried a lot of products including   which I love, BUT Force of Nature for sure takes the cake! It is a revolutionary product that uses water, salt, vinegar, and a little basic science to create an amazing, safe all purpose cleaner! You can check out my full review in the video above. I really was blown away by how well this cleans and yet how safe and useful it is. Oh and did I mention CHEAP!!! I can’t rave about it enough!



Hilary Rushford: Hilary is a recent discovery of mine. She has courses on fashion basics that I really want to take! I have always felt insecure in the realm of fashion and I love that she addresses people who feel like me and point out that it’s actually not about fashion at all. It’s not about keeping up with the latest trends, it’s not about spending tons of money on clothes, it’s really about dressing your shape (because we all have to wear clothes) and being able to create out of the clothes you already have. 



Bold New Mom: I mentioned Bold New Mom in my last Friday favorites, but I feel like she deserves another shout out because she is literally all that’s keeping me together these days! I love her podcasts!


What were some of your favorites this week?





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