Hello New Year Challenge Family

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This week our focus is on the family. You know those people you live with or see on every holiday? Yeah those people. Well we have some tips and tricks for you!


Hello New Year Challenge Family

Hello New Year Challenge Family

Challenge 14: Making Family Goals

We struggle with a few things here and there. Matt and I sat down this year and set a few goals for our family for the 2018 year. Such as cleaning up after ourselves, eating out less and more healthy, and sticking to our budget!

Challenge 15: Find Free/Cheap Family Activities

When we were setting goals we decided to pick out a few family activities we could do that are conducive to our budget. We have planned a few hikes around town and camping trips. This summer is going to be a blast! Find something that your family loves to do.

Challenge 16: Marriage Goals

Make a list of 5 to 10 things you can do to keep your marriage burning bright this year.

Challenge 17: Extended family

Take 10 minutes and think about extended family members that you want to reach out to or want to rekindle or build a relationship with.

Challenge 18: Start a Weekly Ritual

For instance, start a family movie night or game night, or it can be as simple as making sure to say “I love you” each day. Simple things like this can all the difference in the world. The challenge is, have a 10-minute meeting as a family to decide what you would like to implement as a family.

Challenge 19:  Exercise as a family.

That doesn’t mean you have to take the kids to the gym to do yoga. The key is to make it fun! This is a great way to have family time but also show your kids how important exercise is to you!

Challenge 20: Put Down you Devices.

We are all addicted to our devices. The truth is that they do help us with so many of our everyday tasks.  You can make a rule that there will be no phones, computers, and other devices at dinner time.

Hello New Year Challenge Family

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