Friday Favorites! Kimberly Style!

Happy Friday Everyone! Friday favorites are the best therapy for me! As many of you know, we take a week each month to post and on Friday we share our favorites. This month has been a little rough around the Lewis home. I didn’t think I would be able to come up with my favorites. My heart has been breaking over one of my daughters so every day has been a complete struggle. I usually have my favorites picked out before my week ever rolls around but not this time! This morning, when I realized what post I needed to do today, I started to drag my feet because I didn’t know what my favorites were.

Once I started, they began to flood my mind and I quickly became so excited to share them with you! It turned out to be the biggest Friday Favorites I have ever had! Buckle your seatbelts and let the ride begin!

Calendars.comI realize that you can get a calendar almost anywhere but every time I would try to pick one up at my local store, I couldn’t find one that I loved! My calendar hangs in my great room and helps me remember everyone’s birthday, so it needs to be cute! I stumbled across this website a few years ago. They have a big selection and the prices are great. I always buy a Mary Engelbreit calendar because each month has a thought that makes you smile. My grandson, Max, told me once that he loved the calendar, so that means I can never buy a different kind again! lol

LDS Daily VerseThis is for all my LDS friends! The other day when my visiting teachers came for a visit. I confessed to them how hard it was for me to concentrate when I was trying to listen to my scriptures. The struggle is real! They suggested that I check out this app that will give me a scripture, conference talk, and a Mormon message. She had me at Mormon message! They always make my heart smile. You can get it on your phone with a daily reminder. If you struggle like me, check it out.

Gingham TopYou want to look cute for the holidays, right? This is my favorite for this week! You can wear it with your skinny jeans or with a pencil skirt. The best part, our shop is having a sale! 35% off your whole purchase! You can’t go wrong with that. You can finish up your Christmas shopping and still have some money for yourself!

Christmas Decorations: They really brought the Christmas spirit to our house this year! I love decorating for the holidays but I had the hardest time getting myself in the mood to do it. Once I forced myself to decorate, the magic began! It seemed to make everything better! I love shopping at Tai Pan Trading! They have an amazing selection of decorations.  I showed you my tree, now show me yours!

Lisa Kailey: My beautiful daughter just turned 15 this week! She is smart, kind, hard worker and a little sassy. It’s true, she is a teenager and has attitude struggles once in awhile but usually, she is total sunshine!

Today Show Steal and DealsWhile I work on the blog, I listen to the TV in the background. I can’t stand to have it quiet in the house! This year it has paid off! While have been listening to the Today Show, I have found some amazing gift ideas for my family. The best part, they all have a discount price! I’m just saying, you might want to watch!



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