Friday Favorites!

It’s that time of the week again! Cassie’s Friday Favorites! I know you people are excited because I am!

First, the Munch Mitt, we got one of these from the company and Greyson has loved it! My kid got his teeth a little early and he wasn’t quite ready to grab things and hold them in his mouth. He was always chewing on his hands, so we put this on his hand and it was a miracle!

Aveeno Baby lotion! My whole life I have used Johnson and Johnson baby lotion. I have loved it because it doesn’t make me feel slippery, but I wasn’t sure if was working that good. When we had Grey we used it but then it started to peel off. I didn’t like that, Aveeno doesn’t do that. Grey’s skin is now soft as a baby’s skin should be.

I love that we have a hole in the ground finally for our house! I so excited I can barely contain it! We’ve also got the footings and not to mention the view out our back window is going to be awesome! Yes I took this picture from my car! 

Another favorite for this month is the fact that we have an Olive Garden in town now and that they have online ordering! It’s awesome and I am going to get so fat. Guess I just need to run more! 

Last, but certainly not least! Aida, Matt’s cute brother gave us tickets to go see this awesome play at Hale Center Theatre! It was so fun! Not to mention we won the Mountain America Credit Union Instagram contest! Pretty much the best day ever! Go see Aida!

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27 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!”

  1. I’ve always liked Aveeno, it’s definitely one of my favorite brands and it is perfect for the season because the winter dries our skin up really bad! I think it’s a must have!

  2. I have a child with skin sensitivities and allergies. I have found Aveeno products to be the only thing we can use with him. Wonderful product!!!

  3. Good to know about online ordering with Olive Garden. My sweetie loves getting the flat bread pizzas from there. He hates going in to place a to-go order, and I hate placing the order on the phone.

  4. I love when a chain you love gets a new location near you. That can totally make your day. I was walking in my neighborhood about a month ago and noticed that my favorite up and coming coffee chain opened a location walking distance from my house. I almost dropped to the floor when I saw it, I was so excited.

  5. I loved using the Aveeno products when my kids were little! This is a fun list of Friday Favorites too!!

  6. That glove is perfect for the teething babies! I think it’s also adorable! I can see why you like it for your baby! It’s awesome to dine at Olive Garden, the food’s great!

  7. Those teething mitts look amazing! My youngest daughter put everything in her mouth and we definitely could have used these about a year ago! I’m suggesting these to all my friends with babies.

  8. Aida is such a great show. I saw it many years ago in NYC and loved it, even though the story is so sad. Looks you had a fabulous week and that view from your new house looks incredible. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that every day.

  9. Congrats on breaking ground on your house, that had to be an amazing feeling. Kind of cool that you can order from Olive Garden, had no idea, thanks.

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