Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!! Here are a few of Amber’s Favorites for the week!



This week has been a little crazy. I don’t know if it’s just because last week was Thanksgiving or what, but I am so glad it’s finally Friday! The weather has been so nice here in Utah we were able to get outside a lot this week so that definitely makes my list! Here are a few other things as well!



My three year old learning how to do a front flip on the tramp! It was a little scary but he loves doing it. I cringe every time but he is so coordinated he flips around just fine!



Magnetic Suduko anyone? I think this is such a good idea and it would make a great gift for any suduko lovers on your shopping list!!



JJ Rabbits Cuppies are the best!! If you can’t tell, there is a little rabbit inside that your child can see once they drink all of their drink! My kids think they are so fun!



7th Heaven face masks! Where would I be without these! They are super inexpensive and work great! I especially love the cucumber peel-off kind but they also have mud ones that are great too!



Last but not least, these two doing thier talent shows for me! They love to show off, and I’m pretty sure the most common words they say is “watch me!”


How was your week?





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