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Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas? I can’t believe! It seems like it just came out of nowhere and I just realize that I need to start getting everything ready for my family! When holidays start rolling around certain smells bring up memories of the past. 

A lot of the traditions that I have done with my own family were started by my dad. I remember Christmas morning, we weren’t allowed in the front room to look at our gifts until he had started a fire and made sure everything was perfect. It was magical! He also made sure that Santa wrote a personalized letter to each of us kids. The letters always contained messages perfect for each child. But the best part of the holidays happened after a snowstorm. We would bundle up in our warmest clothes. You had to make sure that you had several pairs of socks on to keep your toes warm before you would venture out into the cold!

With pots and pans in hand, we would construct the most amazing snow forts you have ever seen! My dad would be by my side every step of the way! We had windows, doors, and ice sculptured chairs. We wouldn’t go back into the house until you couldn’t feel your nose or your toes! Of course, you had to strip off all your snow clothes by the door because you didn’t want to track snow all through the house! All these traditions have lived on at my home with kids! The best part of such an eventful activity is warming up! My kids would gather all our blankets and bundle up by the fire while I would make them a toasty cup of hot chocolate. Seriously, the only brand that we ever buy is Stephen’s!

Every cup of cocoa you drink has to live up to the first one you had as a kid. Now that’s a tough job! Other cocoas might come close, but Stephen’s will set your new cocoa standard! Their cocoa is rich, creamy and quite simply the tastiest you’ve ever had. They are continually introducing new and unique flavors, as well as cocoa innovations like our Single-cups for Keurig®-style coffee makers. Stephens also offers a special selection of delicious ciders, whose traditional (and not-so-traditional) flavors make the perfect drink for any holiday.

Stephen’s Gourmet Cocoa helps make your holiday season memorable. Here are a few ideas how to use it this holiday!

  • Stephen’s Cocoa makes a perfect neighbor, office or teacher gift.
  • With so many unique and fun cocoa flavors, Stephen’s Cocoa is the perfect treat to serve at holiday parties, post sledding or snowman, or anytime you need a delicious way to warm up.
  • Stephen’s cocoa can make any of your holiday recipes more delicious.


Some of Stephen’s Gourmet signature cocoa flavors include:

  • Salted Caramel
  • CandyCane
  • Mint Truffle
  • Dark Chocolate
  • S’mores

To see all of our delicious and unique cocoa flavors visit:

What is your favorite holiday memory?

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Memories”

  1. I love their salted caramel coco! I did a huge coco testing thing for Christmas last year and this brand was one of my favorites. My favorite holiday memory is playing barbies with my sister, taking over the entire dining room and playing with all our new stuff from that christmas morning!

  2. It’s time for cocoa. I love the presentation, this look perfect for gift idea or drinking it with family by fireplace.

  3. I don’t think I’ve spent the Holidays without drinking at least a couple of cups of hot chocolate! My Christmas memories are packed with them! Love that this brand has different yummy flavors!

  4. It sounds like you have really great childhood memories with your family. My husband is a huge fan of hot chocolate. We don’t usually keep it at home, but he would really enjoy this.

  5. It looks so delicious and really tempting. I love to try their chocolate drink. I bet this is a perfect drink for Holiday season.

  6. My daughters love hot chocolate and coincidentally, this time of year is the only time it’s at all appropriate in Arizona. They are definitely growing up with hot chocolate as part of their holiday memories!

  7. I love your family Christmas traditions. I imagined myself sipping a cup of Stephen’s Gourmet while reading about what you used to do. Now I want to try their signature cocoas for sure.

  8. One of my most memorable holiday moments is cooking and baking together with my family. Hot chocolate by Stephens Gourmet has become part of our this year’s holiday celebrations!

  9. Ooh, what an amazing giveaway. I love hot chocolate, especially the peppermint variety. I’ve also come to be a huge fan of the dark chocolate kind. I like the rich flavor so much.

  10. Yum!This looks so amazing!! My kids will love this special holiday treat too 🙂

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