“Oh Yes, I’m Real”!

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Can you feel it in the air? The Christmas magic has begun!  The main star of the magic is Santa, himself! As a mom, I remember being a little girl and getting so excited to write my letter to Santa so he knew that I had been a good girl and what was on my list. Now there is a site that offers fully immersive experience; that your kids will totally love and even you grown-ups will be convinced that this site was created by elves from the North Pole!

Their focus is on positive lessons, not presents. They use Santa’s Nice List to promote politeness, good habits, and reading. Santa’s blog combines entertaining “inside scoop” content with real historical events. Even their Santa Libs Christmas games teach parts of speech! While Santa.com is not an educational site, it offers more than entertainment, so you can feel good about sharing it with your precious kids!

The services you will find on Santa.com; emails from Santa for FREE! Text messages from Santa, starting December 1st until Christmas day, for only $9.99! Handwritten notes from Santa, you can check in for details! It doesn’t matter if you are 1 or a 120, this site is for you!

The little ones can download fun Christmas coloring templates. Older kids will enjoy reading Santa’s personal blog with you! Santa writes his texts with kids in mind, but there are a few jokes for the adults too! Don’t worry, Santa.com, takes your privacy seriously. It is currently being certified by an FTC approved Safe Harbor Program to ensure that they meet FTC privacy and security requirements for sites that provide content for children under 13.

Make sure to check the site all through December to find additional services, content, stories, games, and more!

Best part they are having a contest! Check it out!

The contest ends at 8:59 pm on December 20th and there will be 3 winners!

Contest Prize:

1 ornament designed by Christopher Radko for Anderson’s of Nantucket, MA. Limited edition only 300 were made.

Santa.com fidget spinner wrapped in gift paper and a Santa.com ribbon

Santa.com eco-friendly folding tote bag

Santa Libs storybook and coloring pages

Santa.com oval bumper sticker

Santa.com pen

Good Luck!!!

Santa.com Christmas Giveaway


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24 thoughts on ““Oh Yes, I’m Real”!”

  1. I’m so happy to know about this site! I just entered the contest on Facebook. Our kids are grown, but who doesn’t love an email or text from Santa? I’m planning to visit the site soon – Thanks for the great information!

  2. Love this! I’ve never heard of it until now. I love Christmas and the magic of the holiday. It’s just a great time of year of giving. I will definitely look into this for my kids!

  3. Christmas is getting closer. It is amazing that even Santa is conquered by technology. The kids will definitely love this.

  4. Oh!! This is so cute idea. Christmas is coming closer and it is really exciting for kids. I am sure that kids will truly love this activity.

  5. MadLibs were a favorite activity when we were kids, especially when we learned how to make them sound naughty. Ah, the joys of childhood. They are still fun and a great way to encourage imagination and storytelling.

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