Easy Mason Jar Pumpkin

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Mason Jar Pumpkin! The day after Halloween, I sent my hubby downstairs to find the Thanksgiving decorations. After a good long search, he returned and announced that he couldn’t even find one decoration!

With all that has been going on at my house, I truly believe that all the Thanksgiving decorations have fallen into a dark hole! This is how we got to make this cute mason jar pumpkin!


Mason Jar Pumpkin


These little gems are easy to make and are perfect for your Thanksgiving table! I really had fun making these pumpkins because I just used things around my house to decorate and embellish. It doesn’t matter what color you go with because the different colors will give your tablescape your own personal touch!


Mason Jar Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

24 mason jar lid rings


spray paint



You can use the wide mouth or the smaller rings to make your pumpkin. For me, the smaller ones were easier to work with. Spray the rings with paint and let dry. Turn them over and spray the other side and let dry. Depending on the look you are going for, you might have to spray them one more time. If you want more of a rustic look, it doesn’t matter if you have a few spots that haven’t been touched by the paint.



Take a tube from a wrapping paper and gather up the 24 rings. Make sure they are facing the same way. String your twine through each ring. Holding onto each end of the twine pull the rings off the roll.



Pull the twine as tight as you can and tie a knot. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you get it super tight. I had to have the help of my hubby to get it tight enough. Your rings will form a circle. Gently arrange them into a pumpkin shape. Cut off the excess twine.



This is the fun part, embellish the pumpkins with things around your house! The stem in my gold pumpkin is a toilet paper roll. I also used Halloween garland and sprayed it gold leaving a little bit of the orange to come through.










thanksgiving collage




22 thoughts on “Easy Mason Jar Pumpkin”

  1. how have I not thought of this before! This is a genius diy! The result is so cute and the project doesn’t eem to be super complicated at all. for sure gonna try it out 😉

  2. This is such a creative idea! When I’ve seen the first photo in your post I didn’t imagine that those cute decorations were not bought from the store. I never knew you could use mason jar lids to create such beautiful decorations for the dinner table.

  3. Very creative, and what away to use all those mason jar lids. Especially if you just leave it the gold color that they come in, then you’ve found a way to use, and store it in multiple ways.

  4. Whoa!! This mason jar pumpkin is so adorable. I like the idea of ​​using the mason jar lid ring to make a pumpkin. Perfect for fall home decoration.

  5. I saw a lot of pin on PIntrest for these. I was planning on trying them but then thought that well, it’s too late, but after seeing the gold picture you could make them for Christmas too. Thanks for the share.

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