Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Woo Hoo! It’s like Christmas when Friday comes around! It’s so fun when we get the opportunity to share with you our favorites for the month.

With it being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I couldn’t start my Friday Favorites without including my family, my crazy kids!

It’s so funny because my kids are one of my biggest blessings but they can also cause me the most pain! I have amazing kids! My six kids are successful, kind, funny, hardworking and they love each other. You always think, when your kids are younger, that you won’t have to worry as much when they become adults. The truth is, you worry more! I can’t even imagine my life without them and the beautiful people they have added to our family.

Van Der Hagen Shave SetMy husband has never been a diva when it has come to shaving. Since he has had 4 girls, a lot of times, he has gone to shave his face and found a dull razor! About a month ago, we received a sample of Van Der Hagen Shave Set and it changed his life! It’s amazing how long the soap lasts and the difference it makes in his shaving experience.

Tuxedo BootieThe Lou Lou Girls Shop got these in about a month ago. I can’t stop wearing them! They go with so many of my outfits! You can wear them with skinny jeans to a super cute dress. The best part is that the heel is low and the shoe is comfy! The price isn’t half bad either, $24!

PopcornopolisAnyone that knows me, knows that I love caramel popcorn! I can’t tell you my excitement when we received this in the mail the other day! I was going to wait to hand this out at a later date, like neighbor gifts, but I couldn’t wait! It was so good that I was eating a bag and giving bags to my kids! Out of the 10 bags that we received, we only have 3 left! I’m going to have to order more, so I can share it with my neighbors, maybe!


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I want you to know how much we appreciate you for being a part of our journey. We think of you as family!


Thanks for Stopping By!



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13 thoughts on “Kimberly’s Friday Favorites”

  1. Those boots are so cute!! I love finding a good pair of shoes. I’ve never heard of this popcorn brand but it sounds awesome. Love the picture of your kids, it’s always awesome when you get great pictures of those you love.

  2. The thing that I love about Popcornopollis is that it’s all gluten-free. i usually can’t eat treats when I’m at parties or when people bring treats to the office. But when I see that, I get so excited because I know I can have some.

  3. Your kids are beautiful! Congrats for raising them well. That tuxedo bootie is a must have! It’s my first time hearing about Zebra. Sounds like my kind of popcorn! They have so many flavors to choose from and they’re the perfect snack during a movie night at home!

  4. Oh the popcorn looks amazing. I haven’t ever really tried different types of popcorn I’m always so scared of change but they look AMAZING.

  5. Those popcorn treats look so good. I don’t know how popcorn became such a big thing at the holidays but I’m so glad it did. I love all the tasty flavors. I need to order several bags of this.

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