Friday Favorites

It’s the time of the week for Friday Favorites from Lou Lou Girl Cassie!


This month has been hectic! Between work, baby and life in general, I feel like I’m drowning a little bit. My favorites this week completely reflect my feelings on the week!

Favorite #1 – Cherry Pie! Thanksgiving is coming up and I won’t like. Cherry Pie is my favorite! Enough said! 

Favorite #2 – Groove wedding rings! I have one because I teach PE and I am constantly demonstrating lifts and sports and I’m paranoid about ruining my diamond! These rings are fun and cute and people know that Matt and I are still on good terms!

Favorite #3 – Lab activities. Teaching high school is fun and even more fun when we have lab days. Nothing is better when the kids actually connect what you’re teaching to real life!

Favorite #4 – My current guilty pleasure. Riverdale! Let’s be honest, I may not be in high school, but I hang out there all day! I love this show right now! They have all been talking about Stranger Things lately, but I couldn’t get into it. I thought it was too weird. You should watch Riverdale though, it’s super good!

30 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. Mmmm! Cherry pie is sooo good and now I am craving some, too. It’s not part of our usual thanksgiving desserts (we do apple and blueberry), but now I need to add a cherry pie into the rotation.

  2. I binge watch so many shows. I don’t dare even turn on Riverdale. Oh, and I’m super into cherries right now, so I’m all over the cherry pie idea!

  3. Cherry pie is awesome, indeed! That ring is a first for me, I’ve never seen anything like it, perfect for active people. I feel so bad that I have so many episodes to catch up on for Riverdale’s Season 2!!!

  4. I’ve heard so many good things about Riverdale! I’d love to binge watch season one so I can understand season two! Thanks for sharing your favorite things, that cherry pie is hard to resist!

  5. Cherry Pie is the best Friday treat. I have never made my own cherry pie and can’t wait to have one. Looking forward to a nice pie on Friday 🙂

  6. Yes on the groove ring!! I am constantly taking off my engagement ring for the gym and I’m paranoid about losing it. After that, I forget to put it back on so it bothers my fiance that I don’t wear the ring. Perfect solution!

  7. Oh those rings are really nice! I need to see about getting one for my husband! I would love a piece of cherry pie right about now!

  8. Cherry pie is one of my favorites and now I’m thinking about a pre thanksgiving dessert 🙂 I haven’t heard of Riverdale. Always love a good series. Going to check it out.

  9. It has been a crazy week here too! I love your faves though. That ring seems really cool, something like that would be perfect for when my husband is working on cars. I keep hearing how great Riverdale is, so I may have to check it out soon.

  10. That Cherry Pie is so tempting and mouthwatering. Lab activities are perfect for kids, and this Riverdale sounds interesting to watch will check this.

  11. Cherry pie is my favorite too and I wanted so badly to make it this year but I cannot find any decent fresh cherries! It’s so frustrating. Cue apple pie.

  12. I keep hearing how great Riverdale is but I haven’t seen it. I’m trying to be good and not watch “high school” shows, but let’s face it, even us adults love that high school drama. I just finished American Vandal on Netflix and it was so good and totally all about the hs drama.

  13. My daughter is obsessed with Riverdale and wants to me start watching with her. I cant seem to get into many shows anymore though, which really sucks!

  14. These are all great things here. Riverdale is something I have watched from the very being and it is one of my favorite shows. I do have to admit that it has gotten better from when it first started but that is not saying it wasn’t good than too. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  15. Please disregard my last comment. Commented on the wrong post! Here’s your comment:

    Cherry pie is the bomb! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! I love the Groove wedding rings! Practical for those who participate in sports activities.

  16. I think I saw rings like that on the show Shark Tank. Such a good idea. I know a lot of men in my family that work with their hands and can’t wear rings.

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