Our Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in Utah County

Tonight was Matthew’s birthday and we were discussing what Our Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in Utah County are. Did your favorite make our list?

We are kind of picky eaters, you should know that before we get started. When I was younger, my dad would make me my own special meals so I didn’t have to eat something I didn’t like. Matt really isn’t that picky but he likes a lot of the same foods I do. Don’t make fun of us because we like the chain restaurants. Here are our favorite restaurants in no particular order.

First, for Matt’s birthday dinner tonight we went to PF Changs. When I was pregnant with Grey I loved PF Changs! I was sick a lot with him and one of the things that would help was eating chinese food from PF Changs. We believe it’s because it’s fresh chinese food with great flavor and ginger. Apparently, ginger helps with morning sickness. Another, Asian restaurant climbing the charts is Red 8 Asian Bistro in Spanish Fork. We have really liked it there so far. 

Second, for a good steak we always go to Texas Roadhouse. So many people have told me it’s too loud and their steak isn’t that good and that it’s too expensive. Guess what? We like it so it made our top five list. We always get the ribeye. Not to mention the rolls, I love the rolls! Also, we really love their caesar salad there, it’s top notch!

Third, for BBQ on Geneva Road in Orem, there is a great place called 5 Star BBQ and it is awesome! We love smoked barbecue meat. Their ribs and brisket is so good! I’ve never had barbecue outside of Utah so I’m not an authority or barbecue or anything, but I think it’s great! They have great sauce and good Mac and Cheese. Don’t tell Matt I said this, but I really like Bam Bam BBQ Brisket too, but I think it’s pretty good!

Saddest day ever, one of my favorite restaurants closed in Utah County. They have one in Murray, but I’m still going to tell you anyways. Macaroni Grill, they literally have the best bread. It’s really no competition. I love their bibb and bleu salad! Their pasta is also super awesome. Since they are no longer in Utah County, my second is Olive Garden. Who doesn’t love Olive Garden? If they say they do, they are lying.

Last, I remember when I was in high school and everyone was obsessed with Cafe Rio, and honestly I thought it’d die off. It hasn’t. I used to hate Mexican food and my friends would always want to go there and I didn’t get it. Until I got pregnant, well I get it now. I like Cafe Rio, but I love Costa Vida! I know they are similar but Costa is a little less spicy, more my speed if you will. You can’t go wrong with a pork salad, but I love the shredded beef tacos!

What are your favorite restaurants? Tell me why? We love trying new places!



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