Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! I’m so excited for the weekend! Do you have any plans? We will be watching a little football around here and celebrating my daughter in laws birthday. It doesn’t get any better than that! I can’t wait to share my Friday favorites with you! 

Let’s get started!

Babydoll top: This is a new arrival in the Lou Lou Girls Shop and I love it! You can easily dress it up or down and the material is so soft! I can’t wait to wear mine! If you love it as much as I do go to Lou Lou Girls Shop, to find it.

Fall: My birthday was last Friday, and we tease around here that it’s a national holiday, so of course, my husband has to take the day off! One of my favorite things to do on this national holiday is to drive the Nebo loop in Utah and look at all the beautiful fall leaves. It just makes me happy!

Halloween: This is one of my favorite holidays ever! I have been kind of slow this year, getting my decorations up but the house will be decorated soon! Every year, on Halloween, we make homemade root beer, caramel apples, and steak chili. The teens can watch the old, I mean old horror movies that were made in the 30’s, and sometimes I get to go trick or treating with my grandkids. Super fun! One thing that I love about Halloween is that your kids, one time a year, get to be whoever they want to be! I have always loved trying to help them achieve the perfect costume.

Ultimate SlimeMy Lisa has been obsessed with making the perfect slime all Summer long. When we received a copy of this book in the mail, all her dreams came true! You can find it on Amazon and it’s only $9.97 .I’m headed to the store right now to buy all the supplies!

CornbellysMy cute granddaughter, Sophie, shares the national birthday holiday with me! How special is that? Her birthday wish was that we would celebrate our birthdays together.  On Friday, we went to Olive Garden for a family dinner and then on Saturday, we all went to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point. It’s amazing how many activities they have for little kids and big kids. Best birthday ever!


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