Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time again! Friday Favorites for Cassie! I love this time of the week, it makes me think of all the things I love!

Happy Friday! This last couple of weeks have been crazy. We’ve had a wedding, Grey’s baby blessing, and Matt’s birthday. Not to mention Greyson had his 4 month old shots the other day and shots suck. Luckily, I have a tough and happy baby, but it still makes me so sad when he cries like that. Anyways, our family’s combined have 7 October birthday’s which is crazy. It’s been just one big party month!

First, Friday favorite is… Our new phones, Matt felt like we really needed new phones for his birthday. Our old ones we had had for almost 3 years and they were getting slower. We went and got new Samsung Note 8 phones. The stylus is so cool, there are so many awesome things you can do with it. I love playing around with it to find out new features. It’s super cool! We love them!

Second favorite, my daycare for Grey is super awesome! The girls who watch him are just the cutest people ever. They have just started using this new app a few months ago called the Brightwheel app. It sends us updates with new information, They also send me cute pictures of him through out the day to update me on him! Nothing is better than getting a picture of his cute smiling face in the middle of the day! 


Now that he’s big enough, he’s really starting to enjoy his Jungle Gym playmat! I love watching him grab stuff and play. Every time he kicks or hits the toys it plays a song. He absolutely loves it! He’s just so fun right now!

Anyone who knows me, my favorite thing in the entire world is new socks. I love getting them, wearing them and smelling them (just kidding, that would be ridiculous). It’s just my favorite thing in the world! I went and bought some the other day! Made my whole week. I really like the black Avia ankle socks! Also, you can’t go wrong with Oakley socks as well!

My diaper bag is the best diaper bag. Amber and Ben got it for me for my birthday, and the more we use it the more I love it. it has lots of pockets and what not! It has insulation. Best part is it’s a backpack, I have never been a purse person. This way I feel like Matt can wear it too so that he doesn’t feel like he’s carrying a purse for his wife. 

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