Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!! These are a few of Amber’s favorites from the week!



It’s been a great week for me! I’ve gotten a lot done this week thanks to our neighborhood babysitting co-op. I wanted to get a jump start on a lot of projects including doing my blog posts, and having a co-op in place is so helpful! Besides that being my favorite, here are a few more things!



  1. Momma Kim! Today is her birthday so give her a shoutout! If you don’t know already, she is my mother-in-law and I’m married to her son Ben. She’s the best mother-in-law ever because she takes care of my husband when he’s sick (whenever he gets the dreaded man cold she brings him drinks), she loves my kids and spoils them, and she plans super fun activities for the family! She started this blog and is the driving force of optimism and positivity behind it. I love that I get to work on it with her and Cassie!! 



2. 21 Day FixI just completed my first round of the 21 Day Fix and even though I cheated a lot I still lost 6 lbs! I highly recommend it to anyone who is a carb lover like me. Because it’s main focus is on portion control it allowed me to still eat a few carbs, but forced me to get into the habit of turning to other types of food when my carb limit was up. 



3. Mifold Booster SeatA SAFE booster seat that’s 10 times smaller than a traditional seat, can be folded up, and only costs $40? Sign me up!! We just got this and it is as amazing as it sounds! It pulls the seatbelt down towards your child rather than boosting them up. It is great for everyday use as well as those occasions where lugging around a giant booster seat just isn’t going to cut it. 



4. Teaching C’s Gymnastics: There’s something so fun about teaching your child to do something you loved as a child. I was a gymnast until I was 14 and realized that my lack of flexibility just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Now I get to help out with my son’s class and I love it!



5. YouTube: YouTube of course makes the list because our channel is coming together! Come check it out and cheer us on! Here’s what you’ll be able to find: 

MOM PRODUCTS: Reviews on products we truly love

MOM HACKS: Tips and tricks to help you navigate this crazy thing called motherhood

MOM ADVICE: Real advice from people who want to cheer you on

FOOD: Recipes and tips that will either help you wow, or get dinner on the table before soccer practice

DIY: Projects, crafts, and tutorials

FUN: Everything from toddler activities to party ideas

ORGANIZATION: Helping you get your shiz together since 2013





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