KonMari Inspired Family Command Center Reveal

KonMari Inspired Family Command Center Reveal

KonMari Inspired Family Command Center Reveal! I finally put together our family command center to keep all of our papers organized and from taking over our house! If you’ve read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” it is KonMari approved!


KonMari Inspired Family Command Center Reveal

KonMari Inspired Family Command Center Reveal

I have been on an organizing spree or “festival” ever since I discovered the amazing and totally life-changing book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Her method, called KonMari, is seriously a game-changer for anyone who wants to be able to find things in their house again, rediscover themselves (just through organizing? YES!), and feel a lot more joy about their belongings. 



Her main concept for organizing “papers” is to get rid of them all. But obviously, that is impossible for some papers, so she suggests putting them into one of four categories: Keep, Short Term, Using, and Pending. Papers to keep indefinitely, papers to keep for a short term, Papers you are currently using, and pending papers to be dealt with.

She also suggests having a section of each for each person in the house. Let me tell you, it has been so helpful!! Now I know where to put things, why, and how to find them again! A mother’s dream right?! I keep the short term in the basket thingies, (a splurge at Hobby Lobby) currently using on the clipboards, pending (all together in the side basket), and I move the keep indefinitely papers upstairs to a box. 




These clipboards are where I keep the papers we’re currently using. They are also chalkboards so when my 18 months old wants to color, I don’t have to keep a bunch of papers downstairs for him, I just give him this!

I think it will also be great for lists or schedules. I just covered the top and sprayed them with chalkboard paint.



My goal with this area is to keep it completely clear because it is the pending box and the papers that need to be moved upstairs, but it’ll get there… right? 



This part is still a work in progress. This command center is in my laundry room so I want to build a full shelf across this wall that has a little spot for pencils, and so I can sit and deal with the incoming mail. I also want it to be where I can fold or iron the laundry. For now though, this is working just great!


I would love to see your command centers! Comment with a link or tell me about it!






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