Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared

Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared

If you’ve been looking at Hurricane Harvey pictures, you may be feeling anxious, but Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared!!


Don't Be Scared Be Prepared

Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared

My husband and I started talking about getting our food storage/preparedness stuff in order, but neither of us really took it seriously until we started seeing images of Hurricane Harvey. I think what made it seem so real and pressing because we actually lived in Houston for a while. One image that really caught me off guard was one of a little kid in a puddle jumper being carried out onto his roof to be handed down to someone in a boat. It made it seem so real because I would imagine that is exactly what we would do with our sons in our two story house, puddle jumpers and all. 


All truth be told I sort of started to panic about our lack of preparedness state, because as a member of the LDS church we are constantly counseled to be prepared. How could we be living how we are and not be prepared? Lucky for me I stumbled into this amazing resource that I just had to share!! The Simple Family Preparedness Blog!!



The Simple Family Preparedness Blog is ran by Misty (I’ve never met her so… Hello Misty!!) and it is AWESOME!! The highlight, I think, is her 30 day preparedness challenge. I signed up for it immediately and have been soo impressed. 



  1. it’s not boring
  2. it’s super helpful
  3. it’s very simple!


What more could you ask for when preparing for who knows what? That is the crazy thing. Her first exercise in the preparedness challenge helps you really figure out what you need to be prepared for so you can be ultra effective, as well as ease any anxiety. One of the top things on my list of NEEDING to be prepared for is….. *drum roll* …… forgetting to thaw dinner. Seeing that that is one of my most likely occurring disasters definitely eased my anxieties about all the other hazards that I thought might make the list.


Check out the challenge and give yourself some peace of mind by being prepared! 



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