Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s the best day of the week! It’s Friday and it’s time for my Friday favorites! This month has been crazy! Getting in to school, taking Greyson to daycare, he’s growing so fast and it’s getting crazy now. I have to buy him some more clothes and socks! Now I know why my mom says kids are so expensive! Below here are my top favorites for this week!


Fall weather is finally here! I mean we went from summer to winter and then back to fall, but that does not matter! It’s finally here. I love fall! It’s my most favorite season! I love the temperature, how it smells, the holidays, that we got engaged and married in the fall! I just love the fall!

The Smith’s app is fantastic. I love how I can go on and make my shopping list right on the app, then I can go through and match my items with the coupons on the apps. Then we got gas rewards and had a over a dollar off our gas. It’s freaking amazing! Check it out! Especially now that we have a new one in Springville.

I love to teach Anatomy! First of all, I learn something new every year! I’m not a perfect teacher, and I don’t know everything and that’s part of the reason I love teaching it. Students will ask questions and then I have to find out the answers which is so fun! 

I love my Crockpot! It’s my favorite, but I have been told that I should get an Instapot. What do you guys think? I mean the crockpot has been super convenient for us, but what are the perks for an Instapot? Somebody explain this to me!

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