Cassie’s Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week once again for Cassie’s Friday Favorites! I know that you are super excited!

My first Friday favorite is my Kitchenaid! I love my yellow Kitchenaid, it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I love to bake! The Kitchenaid makes my life a lot easier, I realized that last weekend when I was baking rolls. 

My treadmill is one of my favorite things this week. I’m loving hitting the treadmill now that I am cleared for exercise! Matt bought me this treadmill for Christmas two years ago, it has a little shelf for my iPad and an aux cord for sound. I love love love my treadmill! I’m still working on simply liking running again.


My last Friday favorite is our pack and play! Greyson loves to layout and not be held down. In his new Pack n’ Play he can move around and it has a changing table on it. It’s just so convenient in our little house that it has wheels. I can move him from room to room because he likes to be where the people are. Kind of like his uncle Ben, “why do they call it a party if there ain’t gonna be no people?”


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