Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!! Here are a few of Amber’s favorites from the week!



It’s Friday! I’m so happy. It’s funny because I swear when we have a day off on Mondays it feels like it takes even longer to get to Friday. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom and there aren’t really days off…. I don’t know!




We had a lot of fun this Labor Day though! We went with my in-laws (Kimberly, the leader of the Lou Lou Girls) to St. George and stayed in a Five Seasons Vacation Rental and it was amazing!! We had a private pool AND personal movie theater which did not disappoint! The kids played in the pool all morning, took a movie break at the hottest part of the day, and got back in until bedtime. It was fantastic! I was really impressed with how nice the entire home was that we stayed in. Every bed was great, all the rooms were perfect size and could easily fit my husband and I, an air mattress, and a pack and play. (Except the master bedroom… we could have fit a small army, a horse, and a few elephants in there. It was pure luxury!) I highly recommend staying in one of their rentals!



Another favorite this week has been Bookroo! My kids just got to open a new set of “presents” (all their books come wrapped like presents) and it is always so fun. I love that my kids love the books, and I love that they are so cute! Parenting can be crazy busy sometimes but Bookroo takes the busy out of quality time!



Last but not least would have to be this Lightning McQueen umbrella we got at Walmart. It has been the greatest toy!! Until it’s used as a sword… but what can you do? Boys will be boys! My sons love playing out in the rain now which is so nice because it’s hard to go from beautiful summer to rainy days. 


Have a good day!!






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