Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners


Cassie recently had me do a newborn photo shoot of her new baby. I was a little nervous because I wanted to do a good job but had never really done a newborn photo shoot before. I helped my sister with one of my baby’s and I’d watched another photographer shoot my other son’s, and from those shoots these were the tips I used to make Cassie’s son’s shoot go smoothly. We got a lot of great images!



  1. Tickle the cheek or gently blow on their face to get a smile. Just be sure your ready with the camera quick because it is usually very fleeting. 



2. Rub your newborn’s hands to help the relax. Newborns usually keep their hands in tight fists and that doesn’t always look good in photos so if their hands will be seen rub them until the relax!



3. Keep the room really warm if you want a happy baby, especially if he’s going to be in the nakes!



4. Don’t forget to get the details! Closeup shots are some of the best because your baby will never be that small again. 



5. Try unique angles. This will help you get great detail shots and work with the lighting!


Good luck with your newborn photo shoot!





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