I Love My Voila Mattress!

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Don’t you hate it when your kids start growing out of everything? My daughter, Lisa, who is 14 years old has been sleeping on a twin mattress. She was perfectly fine until her feet started to dangle over the end of the bed! I kept telling her that she would be fine but no matter what I said, I couldn’t convince her differently. This started her on a mission to find a way to get a new mattress! Lisa is the youngest of 6 kids and so she started asking her older siblings if they were going to get a new bed, so she could have their old one. She even thought she would do extra chores for her grandma in order to be able to pay for it herself. This went on for weeks and she couldn’t come up with the perfect plan!

My one daughter made the mistake of telling her that they were thinking about getting a new bed. Lisa could see the light at the end of the tunnel and she started calling her sister at least twice a week to check up on the progress. It got to the point I thought one of my girls were going to attack the other one. At that point, I knew something had to be done. The opportunity to try out a Voila mattress came at the right time! It was like Christmas morning, when Lisa found out that we were getting a mattress for her. Once we ordered the one we wanted online at Voila, the anticipation grew while we waited for it to be delivered! 

Lisa was at girls camp when it was delivered.  To my surprise, it came in a long box that I couldn’t imagine a mattress could  fit in it! We couldn’t wait for her to come home to open the new mattress!

This is the box and a queen size mattress was inside! We waited until my husband could have someone at the house who could help him take it downstairs and unpack this baby! I’m not going to lie, we were pretty excited to see just how this was going to work!

Once they took it out of the box, it was wrapped in plastic and didn’t look like a queen size mattress! Then the magic happened…they opened the plastic and the mattress started to grow! It was so cool! All I could hear from the guys, was excited laughter. They recommend that you stay off the mattress for several hours before using it but it’s well worth it!

One by one, we all had to try out the new mattress! As you can see from the pictures its a regular mattress that is well made. The minute Lisa hit the door after returning from girls camp, she had a tears of joy! She couldn’t wait to put the new comforter on it  and the most important thing, sleep on it!

Lisa has had the mattress a little over a month. Before she had this mattress, she would complain each morning that she was still tired. That is not the case with the new Voila mattress. Not only does it have enough room for her growing body but it’s comfortable and she loves it! The problem now, is getting her to come upstairs and leave her bed!

At Voila, they have 12-layer showroom mattresses with the ease and convenience of boxed mattresses—except they never skimp on value. No cut corners. No missing parts. No unfair prices. Now that’s something to daydream about! These days, most “bed-in-a-box” companies glue two pieces of foam together and call it a day. At Voila, they don’t like beds with missing parts. Their mattresses have all the layers—12 to be exact—including 768-count, five-zone pocket coils, triple-edge support, and gel-infused memory foam. You can shop their line of mattresses with prices starting at $699! 


768-count individual pocket coils for added support and stability. Five independent zones with varying firmness give you ultimate support where you need it the most. Superior triple edge support around the mattress’ perimeter to keep you in bed all night long. They believe in performance technology, which is why they are the only company offering innovative, five-zone pocket coils to adapt to your body’s weight and keep you perfectly aligned.

They have a 100 day comfort guarantee! The whole process is done with your comfort in mind! They keep it headache free!  If you are not completely satisfied they will work with you to arrange a mattress pick up and a prompt refund. The only requirement is: that they ask you to allow yourself to adjust to the mattress for thirty days before you decide to return it. If after 30 days you are not completely happy with the mattress then give them a call and they will work with you to get the mattress removed from your home and the purchase price refunded to the original form of payment. You may exchange your Voila Mattress for another model one time within the 100 Day Comfort Guarantee period. You will be responsible for any difference in price plus the cost of the freight of the new mattress. 

We are thrilled with our mattress and we will buy a mattress from them again! You know you need a new mattress! What are you waiting for? 



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