Getting Ready For College!

This Summer has been a whirlwind! I kept checking off each item off my list of things to do. I blinked and realized it was time to get Andie ready for College! It’s so hard for a parent because you have so many mixed emotions at this time! I’m so proud of what she has accomplished but I will miss her like crazy!

I’m pretty sure Andie is feeling the same way! Andie has told me for 3 years, how excited she was to go to college and how she wanted to move far away to have an adventure! Now that we are down to only days until she leaves, I can tell my little girl has butterflies. The great thing is that she will be an Ambassador for SUU and be involved from the very first minute she hits the campus. 

The hard thing is that I’m usually the one that takes them to college but this time it’s her dad. She is a daddy’s girl but let’s face it, dad’s don’t think of everything like a mom would! At least, that’s the case at our house! I thought I had everything ready for her to move but I decided I needed to do a last minute checklist to make sure! I hope it helps you too!

  1. Forget the suitcases, unless you are flying; There isn’t any room in a small dorm room for bulky luggage. I found online this great idea! Take garbage bags and use it as a garment bag! It takes less space and is easier to transport clothes.
  2. Make the bed Last: We usually want to make the bed first because it makes the room feel complete. Leave it for last, because the bed is the easiest place to set items as they are moved into the room.
  3. Pack for Seasons: Buy the under the bed storage containers, so your student can use them while packing. Then you can use them for extra clothing, toiletries, sheets, and towels. Make sure to tape the containers shut before you load them in the car!
  4. Communication: My daughter and her future roommates started a group text. They have been talking about the items each of them are bringing. Andie has even met her roommate so it’s not as awkward when she moves.

  5. Bring cleaning supplies: The first thing you think about buying your student is food! Let’s not forget the cleaning supplies. It’s going to be crazy because they won’t have mom and dad there to clean up after them! Andie’s roommates have already thought about this and she is in charge of getting the plunger! 
  6. College Subscription Boxes: Okay, this isn’t a necessity but I think it’s worth it! There are different services where you can send your child a care package each month. I feel like I need to do this for my girl so we knows we haven’t forgotten about her and she feels loved! I’m going to try the pijon first and see how I like it! They send them a monthly box full of healthy snacks, personal care items and fun little gifts!

This is just a few ideas! I would love to hear your suggestions!

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