Ego Lawn Mower – Foldable and Cordless

Whether you’re looking to save space in your garage, or save on gas, this foldable, cordless lawn mower from Ego does it all! We haven’t been disappointed yet!



I have been doing KonMari (if you’ve never heard of it, it is the Japenese art of decluttering found in the book called The Magic of Tidying Up. It is life changing and will seriously make you the tidiest person ever!) and one thing that definitely didn’t spark joy was how much space our ugly old lawn mower was taking up in our garage. My husband’s birthday was coming up so I set out on a mission to find the perfect lawn mower for us and boy did I find it!!



This is a 21″ cordless lawn mower from Ego and it is basically everything you could ever dream up for a lawn mower. My number one dream being that my husband is so excited about it, I haven’t even had to touch the lawn yet. When it first arrived, he pulled it right out of the box, set it up in about 30 seconds, and took it straight outside. He loves it which makes me feel great because then I don’t have to mow the lawn myself, or nag him to get it done!! 



Besides the fact that it looks amazing, it has a lot of other really cool features. (To see our Facebook Live video click here!) As I mentioned before, it is foldable. It doesn’t use gas so it can be folded and stored standing straight up. This is saving us so much room in our garage! The battery and basket are both easy to remove, and it’s a much quicker process to get this thing running than it was to run to the gas station for more gas with our old mower. 



This Ego lawn mower drives really well, and although they do have self-propelled mowers, this one is so light we haven’t even noticed that it’s not self-propelled! It mulches our lawn really well and cuts like a champ. We have absolutely no complaints! There is no need for gas and therefore no fumes, and it is really quiet so you can mow in the early hours of the morning without waking up any babies! Last but not least, this thing comes with headlights! The headlights are great if your mowing in the evening, or have to mow under something and need to see. This mower is top notch!



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