Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Thank the heavens that it is Friday! It’s time now for Cassie’s Friday Favorites!

This month has been crazy with learning how to navigate this whole being a mom thing. I have had lack of sleep, too many emotions and had so much fun. It’s funny how they tell you how you will immediately love this little human so much, but you never fully understand until you have them. Grey gets cuter and cuter everyday and which is super fun. Not to mention that he has started to smile all of the sudden, that’s pretty much my favorite part so far. Here’s to all you new mom’s out there who currently know what I’m talking about and to all the grandma’s who are giving us great advice and loving our little ones!

My first favorite today is obviously baby Greyson! At 6 weeks he has put on some weight and is a whopping 9 pounds and has exactly one roll on his leg. ONE.  He has gained about two and half pounds and he feels huge to us, but everyone keeps saying how small he is. We love how squishy and sweet he is! He is a great baby and rarely cries, except right now while I type this.

My second favorite is Sleep. I didn’t realize how much sleep I used to get, until I got none. I love my sleep! Gratefully, my husband rocks socks and lets me sleep in and takes his turn feeding him at night. We make the perfect team, even though we are sleep deprived and a little grumpy with one another. 

We call Greyson, Houdini because the kid is literally an escape artist. We wrap him in those muslin blankets because our house is a little hot. Well he has his arms out with in ten minutes of being wrapped up. Yes we wrap him tight, but he will roll back and forth until he has enough give for his arms to get out. These swaddle me things are incredible. It has Velcro and there is no way for him to maneuver out of this one. Parenting win!


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