Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!! We’re so happy! Here are a few of Amber’s favorite things this week!



It was a great week this week. I have done a ton this week though and am officially exhausted. I am looking forward to a nice, calm weekend. Here’s to hoping my wild boys just want to sleep in on Saturday! 



  1. We finally got our fence in!! It was a long wait but we finally got it in! I am loving being able to send the boys outside while I cook dinner without worrying about them. 



2. Ego Lawn Mower: This lawn mower is AWESOME!! Because it is electric it can be folded up to save so much space in our garage! It runs really well and my husband loves it so much he gets out and mows the lawn without me nagging him once! (Learn more here)



3. Popsugar Fitness Channel: This is my latest YouTube find and it is amazing! I am going to be building some much needed muscle in no time. They have a lot of variety with their workouts including dance and 5 minute workouts!



4. Swim Lessons: This little cutie rocked it at swim lessons the past two weeks. I was a little worried about him taking them because he is a bit of a hitter, but he did great with a lot of bribing to take him to the dollar store.


How was your week?






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