5 Tips to Sell Used Stuff Online

5 Tips to Sell Used Stuff Online

5 Tips to Sell Used Stuff Online! If you are looking to sell your used stuff online but don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place! I am a self-proclaimed pro and can get you making money in no time!


5 Tips to Sell Used Stuff Online

5 Tips to Sell Used Stuff Online

Because I’ve been doing KonMari (if you’ve never heard of it, it is the Japanese art of decluttering found in the book called The Magic of Tidying Up. It is life changing and will seriously make you the tidiest person ever!) I’ve been selling a lot of items online. I’ve sold everything from baby gear to lawn mowers and I basically have it down to a science! These are my best tips:


  1. A little research goes a long way. Before selling used stuff online do a quick glance at other similar items and check two things: Price and the condition of other items you’ll be competing with. Put your price on the higher end because you can always lower it, or vary it depending on how quickly you want it sold. The condition of the other items will let you know how to market it.
  2. It’s all in the title! Write the advantage of the used stuff your selling online in the title. For example, if all other lawn mowers you’ve seen have issues, but yours runs fine, title it “Working Lawn Mower”. Or if your stroller is way cuter than the beat up ones being sold, title it “adorable stroller”.
  3. Take good photos!!!!!!!!! This cannot be stressed enough. Move your item against a white wall, clean sidewalk, clean bed sheet, etc. Snap multiple photos even if you think one photo is enough to do it justice. People will stay looking at your item longer if you have multiple photos, and they’ll feel like they know more about it.
  4. Share everywhere! When selling online you can share your item everywhere from Facebook to apps like Letgo. The more the merrier!
  5. Be social. If you’re trying to sell something worth a lot of money, it doesn’t hurt to start looking and commenting on other people’s profiles in apps like Letgo or facebook. This will widen the visibility, and who knows, maybe you’ll find something you’re looking for too!


Good Luck!





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