Remember Who You Are!

In our state of Utah, the 24th of July is of great importance. It’s when the pioneers arrived in our state. This is a great time to remember who you are!

This month on the blog, we wanted to focus on our freedoms that we have since we live in this great country. All I can think about is how I got here and the amazing people who came before me. My husband and I have been binge watching the John Adams series and it made me think about all the sacrifices our ancestors made so we can have the privileges we have today. We have always said to our kids before they left the house,” remember who you are and what you stand for”. I think it’s such a powerful statement. Just think about all those you represent when you step out that door, and it’s not just yourself, can put everything into perspective. 

At Christmas, we purchased DNA kits for my in laws and it was so fun to get back the results and really see their genetic makeup. Can you imagine the surprise when you find out that your ancestors came from somewhere different than you thought? My kids loved hearing the results. This made me want to explore my own DNA background. It’s not that I don’t know who I am, but it’s really fun to think about the past. The results came in on Sunday! I had always been told stories about where my ancestors came from and part of the tales were true! I know, dad’s like to tease their kids, especially mine! It didn’t just tell me about my DNA but it also found out that my ancestors were part of the pioneers that came to Utah.

I love my family beyond words! I come from a family that works hard and our good and honest people! I have tried my hardest to instill the same values in my own kids and my grand kids. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t worry if I’m doing enough to continue the values of my ancestors. I’m sure that they felt the same way! Take a moment this week and be thankful for those who came before you. Always remember who you are and what you stand for!

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