Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!

This past month has been crazy! It has been filled with softball, work, and family fun. I’m so excited to share with you my Kimberly’s Friday favorites!


  1. Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath! The temperatures this Summer have been so crazy hot! The nights that we coached,we would come home just dripping with sweat. I love taking baths, because it’s so relaxing. This not only soothes your tired muscles but it makes you smell amazing!

2. I LOVE Rain! I have been waiting for a good rain storm forever and it finally happened on Wednesday! I love how rain makes everything smell so fresh and clean. Nothing is better than sitting on the porch with blankets and watching  the rain! When Lisa was little, Cassie use to take her puddle jumping! So cute! 

3. The Cocoa Exchange: About a month ago, I received this really pretty package in the mail. The label said it was from the Cocoa Exchange, so I assumed that I was getting a BIG box of chocolate!!! Instead, I found these beautiful bottles of sauces. My husband has fallen in love with the Stone Ground Mustard!

4. Ozone Socks: My daughter in law, Shayna, has opened up my eyes to a whole new world, gourmet socks!  She loves buying cute socks and started buying them for my son, Zac. I was so use to just going to Walmart and getting a pack of white socks. These socks are a work of art! You need to check them out!

5. Girls Fast pitch: Last but not least, softball! We have spent two or three nights preparing or coaching this Summer. Our little team won the league and the city tournament. I love our girls!

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