Happy Fourth of July! Freedoms We Enjoy!

This month is the month where we celebrate my favorite holidays. The Fourth of July and the 24th of July have always been some of my favorite holiday’s because we get to spend time with family outdoors and then there are the fireworks!

I know that these freedoms we enjoy would not be possible without the brave people who have fought for our freedoms and made our lifestyle possible. Freedoms that I personally enjoy because of the brave men and women who make it possible.

I am beyond grateful the opportunity to practice the religion of my choosing. I know that there are places where that is not a reality and I am so glad for my religion and the structure and standards it has. I’m excited to give my son the same guidance that I had growing up!

I grateful for the freedom to get an education in the career of my choosing. I love, love, love my job! Teaching has been such a blessing in my life! Everyone always asks me how I can teach high school, well they are the best age group to teach! High school kids are so fun, intelligent and I learn from them everyday.

My last freedom I enjoy is my favorite! I love that I got to choose who I would spend the rest of eternity with! My husband is my perfect match in everyway. He is sweet, thoughtful, fun, smart and patient. I’m so grateful that he is the father of my child, G and I are super lucky to have him!

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