Beautiful Hair in 5 Easy Steps

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I knew at a early age that I would be color challenged. My dad started to go gray at 18 years old. When men go gray, their hair is considered distinguished, but for women, people just think it makes you look old! I have to color my roots at least twice a month to keep it looking fresh. In the beginning, I would hold out as long as I could and then go to the salon to get it done. That cost a lot of time and money! One day my daughter’s friend that had just graduated from hair school changed my world forever!

She taught me some simple tricks that I could do it myself and still have a great look! Here are some simple tricks that help you with your own hair journey!

First, it is so important that you chose the right brand of hair color. I love Schwarzkopf Keratin Color because it has 100%  gray coverage, less hair breakage, Pre-treatment, and intense color! Who doesn’t want the benefit of using Keratin color? The results are amazing! You will experience rich and even colors, it’s easy to use and your hair will shine and feel amazing!

I always pick up a box when I go to Walmart to buy my groceries! I used the Cappuccino this time!

Second: Follow the instructions on the box to get the best results.

Third: I mix mine in a small bowl and use a brush to apply it to my roots.This makes it easier to make sure you get great coverage on your roots.

Fourth: I start by brushing the color at my root line around my face and then I continue with the rest of my roots. When that is finished, apply the rest of the color to your hair. Remember, gray hair takes a little longer to process.

Fifth: If you are like me, I get it all over my skin! Simply take your window cleaner and spray onto a rag. Wipe it on the skin were you got the dye and it will remove it!


If you have never tried Schwarzkopf Keratin Color before, this is the perfect time! You can try it for FREE! Simply click on FREE to see the offer!

Happy coloring! What is your best tip for great hair??


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