Amber’s Summer Favorites

Summer is full of fun! Here are some of the things Amber likes to do in the summer!



I love summer! Being hot is way better than being cold so I’m definitely more of a summer person than a winter person. I love swimming and seeing the sun everyday. I also love that we get together with family a lot during the summer. These are my top 5 things in summer!



Otter pops. We have about 3 otter pops a day sometimes. Whoops! They are just too good!



Family Vacations: This year we went to Disneyland with my family and it was a blast! It was so fun to take my kids and watch them experience the magic!



Seven Peaks: I loved going to seven peaks and since we still live near it I love taking my kids every summer!



Snow Cones: If you haven’t gotten one this summer get yourself out to the snow cone shack! Snow cones are the best!



4th of July: The 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I love feeling patriotic and I love all of the festivities!


What’s on your bucket list this summer?







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