Summer Fun: Cassie’s Top 5 Favorite Activities

Summertime is here and Matt have been making a bucket list of activities we love to do in the Summer. Below you can find our Summer Fun: Top 5 Fav Activities!

Even though I may be missing out on some of these this summer do to our little bundle of Joy coming in July; we are still naming things that we would love to do this summer. Wow, how time does not fly when you’re pregnant. When I was in school and in softball I was busy everyday, almost all day. I never had time to focus on how pregnant I was. Now I am trying to stay busy everyday but either I’m just more pregnant or I need some new activities. Anyways, here is our top 5 list for our favorite activities.

Number 1: Hiking – Matt asked me to go on a hike on our third date and I thought it was going to be too muddy because it was March. I didn’t end up wearing good hiking shoes because I wanted to look cute. Matt now tells me that was a deal breaker, but we all know he was already hooked. There a so many great hikes in Utah and a lot of variety! Our favorite hike is the lower Calf Creek Falls.

Number 2: Canyoneering – Last summer we went for the first time with Zac, Shayna and Andie. It was so fun, now we have our own rappelling gear and Matt got certified to be a rappelling instructor. This is on our bucket list before summer is over!

Number 3: Camping – We love camping where you can see all the stars and there are no city lights. We’ve camped some pretty fun places, in the middle of no where. One time we were searching for a campsite at midnight on the bumpiest road I’ve ever been on. It was 1:30 by the time we set up the tent in the dark.


Number 4: Target Shooting – We love to go target shooting with both sides of our family. My favorite is clay pigeons!

Number 5: Anything Air Conditioned – Our house is super hot right now because it doesn’t have an AC unit. We currently have a portable AC unit that you can roll around but it only cools one room at a time. We love going to the movies!

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