Fun Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii

Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii

Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii! I’m getting pretty excited! We are leaving for Hawaii on Friday and it doesn’t feel real! I have never been before and so I have been doing some research so we can be prepared. There are tons of sites out there ready to tell you the things to know before you to Hawaii. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have read and then when I get back, I will give you a report on if what I have read standing up.


Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii

Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii

Hawaiian Time: What I have read is that the people of Hawaii run on their own time schedule. We need to go and be laid back and patient when driving. This will be easy for my husband so it’s a good thing I won’t be driving.

Learn the culture: There are so many different things that you can learn from doing the hula, trying your hand at the ukulele or even how to cook a traditional Hawaiian meal. I think I want both of my girls to try to surf because they are both so athletic. 

Packing: It’s looks like all we will need is shorts, tees, sandals and swimsuits. Maybe a dress or nice pants for the evening. 

Kapu: This means “sacred” but it also usually means forbidden. You will see signs throughout the islands. Just make sure to treat each site with respect.



Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii

Pineapples are more expensive in Hawaii: Everything cost more because they have to ship food by boat and grocery stores keep a higher stock of food in case of emergencies. 

Say “aloha”: Hawaii has two official languages, English and Hawaiian, and every traveler needs to before visiting. Aloha means “hello,” “goodbye” and “love”. Mahalo means “tahnk you”  and wikiwiki means “fast.”

Rental Car: Most island you need a car but we are staying on Oahu and I just read that public transportation is easy. Maybe we will be canceling our rental car.

Leave pets at home: We all love our pets but there is a quarantine for arriving animals, which can last up to 120 days, and cost more than a $1,000 per animal.

Bored at the beach? You can ski: I probably won’t do this coming, since I’m from Utah, but the Big island has eight of the world’s 13 different climate zones.

We are going to Oahu and staying at the Aulani Resort. We picked the Aulani because my husband is a firm believer that Disney properties are always cleaner and you don’t have to worry about your surroundings. We will see! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to get back and tell you all about it!

Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii



2 thoughts on “Fun Things To Know Before You Go To Hawaii”

  1. No way!!! I live really close to where you guys are staying! I’m Hawaiian, born and bred here, and you have read up on our island home and our traditions. Yes, most of that is so very true. Especially the KAPU! It’s something we take very seriously. DO NOT TAKE HOME ANY ROCKS!!! Lava rocks are actually the ones…. but why take any chances. If you do, very bad things happen until you return the stolen rocks. You should Google “Pele” or lava rock kapu. It’ll give you the legend. It’s serious!!!
    We’re having pretty good weather right now, but check out the king tides in weather. It shouldn’t affect the Koolina Lagoons in front of your hotel. Ummm… I’m trying to give you the important info that I can think of…. oh yeah, don’t get rid of your rental car. Aulani is really far from the airport. And even farther from Waikiki. So you’ll kinda need it. Also traffic is RIDICULOUS here, especially on the west side, where you are staying. So don’t plan on driving during high traffic hours. Have fun and Aloha!!

    1. Oh my goodness! I love hearing from you! We kept the car and you are right, we have needed the car. I’m so glad you told me about the rocks! I have a 14 year old that would take one home for sure if you didn’t tell me that. We are having a great time and I think we are going to the Dole Plantation today.Thanks! Aloha!

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