Friday Favorites!

This month has been absolutely nuts! Most of my Friday Favorites have to do with baby boy! Crazy to think that I only have 8 weeks left! Staying busy with school and softball has been a life saver!

Friday favorites

It’s end of the school year and being a teacher, a spring sport coach, and a pregnant lady. I am exhausted, a picky eater, and sunburned!

My first Friday favorite is $1 drinks at McDonald’s. You can lecture me all you want the only thing that helps calm the nausea is a coke and it tastes the best and is the cheapest at McDonalds!

Second, I have been getting burned over and over again, despite putting sunscreen on. There is this product that is put out by Solle Naturals. It’s called AC cream. This cream consists of natural substances such as Arnica and Calendula which helps soothe burns, not just sunburns but it also works if you burn your hand on the stove. It works so well! Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, it works really well! 

Third, I can haven’t been able to eat a lot, nothing sounds good, everything gives me heart burn and I feel sick constantly. Matt hates that I don’t have an opinion on what to eat other than no we can’t eat that! Lately, I have loved eating Costa Vida’s Beef Tacos! So so good! 

Another food one for my fourth favorite! Have you ever heard that ginger helps with nausea. PF Chang’s, literally anything from PF Chang’s is good to me! I can’t eat regular Chinese food it’s too greasy, so of course I have to eat the expensive stuff. Their honey chicken is delicious!

Lastly, for heart burn Matt and I have been researching what helps with heart burn. We read somewhere lemon water helps with heart burn! Something to do with your stomach needing more acid? Research it yourself, but trust me when I say it works!

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