Fatherhood – A Task For A Superhero

Fatherhood is definitely the task of a superhero. I was blown away with how hard being a parent actually is, and it really makes me appreciate all the good fathers out there who step up to do their part of the task.



My husband and I have two little boys. When we found out our first was a boy I admit I was a little overwhelmed. I grew up with two brothers, and a great father, but I still didn’t feel like I knew what the world of a boy was like. I was secretly hoping that I’d be getting a little girl who loved princesses and dress-up, and I remember wondering what the equivalent of that was in the boy world. I came to realize that a good comparison for that is superheroes, (and I was certainly happy to find out that my 3 year old loves dressing up as one too!)



I immediately fell in love with the idea of my sons looking up to superheroes because that is exactly what I felt like my husband became when he became a father. He immediately had to become a protector and provider, which is a heavy weight to carry. I was super sick while I was pregnant and I really appreciated that he’d been taught to take care of and respect women, especially pregnant women, because I most certainly needed him! He could have left me to deal with all the changes my body was going through on his own, but instead he was right there with me the whole pregnancy. 



One of the best parts about giving birth for me was seeing my husband’s face when he first saw our baby. It was the craziest feeling of joy and relief to see on his face the love that I’d felt for the baby all along. Even though I knew my husband was a great guy, it was super hard for me to feel so helpless while being pregnant and I think I had irrational fears that my husband might not feel the connection I feel with the baby and therefore not take care of us while I recovered. 



I’m so grateful that my sons have a father to look up to who works hard and is strong and brave, and yet sacrifices for our family. He has been really successful in his career and I know that if he wasn’t a husband and father right now he’d have a quite a few really expensive vehicles. Instead my boys and I have a beautiful house, a really awesome stroller, and a willing babysitter anytime I need a break. That sounds an awfully lot like Spiderman to me! 


I love you Ben Lewis and I love that you sacrifice so much for our family. You are a great father and I wouldn’t trade you for anything! Even Thor.





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