Motherhood From The View Of Momma Kim

Motherhood from the view of Momma Kim! Are you ready for this? 


Let me introduce myself to those of you that are new to our blog. I’m Jessica and Cassie’s mom and I have the privilege to be the mother-in-law to Amber. My motherhood adventure started out when I was 19 years old and I was scared to death! It really hit me when I was almost 9 months along and realized that the only way to get the baby here was to give birth! Not a happy thought at that time! That fear was quickly taken over by the kind of mom I wanted to be. Being so young, I wasn’t that confident in my skills as a mom, let alone being “me”, but I knew how I wanted to raise my kids. So I learned very quickly that I needed to get over my insecurities and do what was best for my kids.

Babies are hard and frustrating but the real challenges come when they get older! After having one baby, you think to yourself, I know what I’m doing! Then it happens …you have the next child and realize they are totally different from your first and you need to learn how to be a mom again! My goal as a mom was to raise healthy, happy, and confident kids. I know all of us to want that! What I found for me is that you can’t just say it, you have to take action to make it happen. 

I believe for you to have happy, confident children, you need to find what makes them happy and what they are good at. I have always said, I didn’t care if my kids were the football star, cheerleader, or chess master, all that mattered is that they knew that they were good at that one thing. I love learning from my kids and when they introduce me to their new passions, it gave us a new thing to bond over. I also feel so strongly about education.

I hear parents say that their kids just aren’t good at school or it’s the school’s fault that their kids aren’t succeeding. The school didn’t give birth to your child! You need to be involved in the school and their studies and you need to set a goal for them! You expect them to be a “B’ student they will be a “B” student but if you expect them to be an “A” student, they can be, with your help! And why not A’s, your kids are just as good as the kids down the street and they deserve the very best!

I know that everyone struggles in different subjects and they might not get an A, but set the bar high and when they work hard, be proud of their hard work even if it’s a B. Being the mom of 6 kids with 6 different personalities and talents, I realized that the expectations have to be different for each of them.

My two youngest daughters were adopted and my 18 years old became a part of our family at 5 1/2 years old. She was extremely behind in her school studies but today is will be graduating with high honors. It took a lot of hard, hard work from her parents, siblings, teachers but it was totally worth it! 


The moral of this story, I’m not an expert, and I still get so nervous when I have to stand up to others on the behalf of my kids but I know my family is worth it! If this scared little 19 years old can raise 4 successful kids and 2 that are still a work in progress, you can do it! There are hard moments for each of us and nobody has a perfect Facebook family, but if you put in the time and effort, it will work! It DOES NOT matter your background,  if your rich, you can do it! Breathe!!! P.S. Remember if momma isn’t happy nobody is happy! So take the time to take care of yourself! Keep learning, keep pushing yourself, grow! Your kids are watching you and your example!

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